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Start Downtown

Downtown's entrepreneurial and creative community is at a tipping point. Since May of 2016, some of the most talented people in our community have come together to help take downtown's start-anything culture to the next level.

Based on what we've heard from startups and creatives, we've summarized a set of Priority Recommendations for what the community needs to do to help more Daytonians start downtown. Download the Priority Recommendations here.

We are also launching several new projects as our contribution to the cause:

Pop-up Coworking:
We are teaming with several partners to host monthly pop-up coworking events at interesting and fun locations around downtown. Our next one is at 444 E. Second St. on September 28 - click here for more info.

Kiva Dayton Team:
We’ve organized a Dayton-based Kiva network to connect local funders to local small businesses that need support. Kiva is like crowd-funding, but instead it's crowd-lending - after your loan is repaid, you can use the same dollars to support another small business. Learn more about Kiva and join the Dayton network by clicking here.

Innovation / Improvement Challenge:
Volunteers are launching a new challenge for startups and established businesses around solving problems and creating significant returns on investment at the established company. The first cohort will launch later in 2017 - more to come.

Dayton Collaboration Network:
Interested in providing discounted business services or mentorship to startups to help them grow? We’ve launched the Dayton Collaboration Network to better support startups in downtown Dayton. Click here to join or learn more about the network.

I Started Downtown:
This video series shined a spotlight on some of the talented small business owners who are launching new endeavors and helping revitalize downtown Dayton. View the whole series at by clicking here.

Supporting startups and creatives is a contact sport. We hope you will get engaged by joining one of the many efforts underway or launching your contribution to the cause.