Renovation Project Gives Sinclair New Welcoming Gateway

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An expansion and remodel of Sinclair College‘s Building 10 has given the campus a new center for administrative and student services. Newly renamed the James McSwiney Welcome Center, the 91,000-square-foot building underwent a $15.3 million renovation to create a campus gateway. “When we built this, we wanted to create a front door to the college,” Sinclair’s Senior Vice President Scott Markland told the Dayton Business Journal. “It’s all part of an attempt to make the campus more inviting, more accessible and easier to navigate.” New roles for staff helped fine-tune the process for student enrollment, such that students now can access admissions, financial services, advising, scheduling, and other services all at the welcome center instead of at separate offices as was previously required. Additionally, flexible space at the center provides students with study space, areas to hang out, program and activity spaces, and more. The Building 10 renovations were part of Sinclair’s master plan, as well as approximately $200 million of investments the college has made in the past ten years.

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