Fast Facts: Oregon District E-sports Cafe Launches Virtual League Ahead of Shop Opening

Mike Colvin Fast Facts

Connect E-Sports, a virtual gaming cafe that plans to open in the Wheelhouse Lofts building on Wayne Avenue in the Oregon District later this summer, has announced a virtual gaming league launch during this current stay-at-home order. They’ve teamed up with Dayton-area “social sports” league Dayton Sportcial for the new venture.
“Connect E-Sports and Dayton Sportcial want to keep our community connected and safe, and although you’re used to leagues and tournaments in person, now is the best time to continue your competitive spirit and social distancing through E-Sports,” said Connect E-Sports owner Mary Baldino.
The online gaming company is posting about its business opening progress and online league on its Instagram, YouTube, and Twitch pages.

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