Fast Facts: Greater Dayton RTA Begins Fare-capping System to Promote Equity

Mike Colvin Fast Facts

Fare capping has now been implemented across the Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority‘s (RTA) transit system for customers using a Tapp Pay ticket. With fare capping, customers will be limited, or capped, in the amount they pay within a given timeframe once they have ridden enough times to accumulate the equivalent of a daily or 31-day monthly pass. As a result, starting February 1, customers using Tapp Pay will be capped at $3 daily and $30 within a rolling 31-day period when using the system. Brandon Policicchio, RTA’s Chief Customer & Business Development Officer, said fare capping breaks down the barrier of riders who are not able to afford an upfront cost of a daily or monthly pass. For now the fare capping is only with customers using the Tapp Pay system within the Transit mobile phone app, but the RTA plans to expand the system with reloadable smartcards in the future.

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