Dayton Riverfront Plan Continues to Revitalize Waterways and Surrounding Areas

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Throughout the past year in the midst of the Covid-19 shutdown, the Dayton Riverfront Plan – a joint effort between downtown partners to focus on the greater downtown’s four waterways and explore the potential that the rivers have to enhance regional vibrancy, livability, and economic vitality – started work on several key projects of the 20-year revitalization plan, said Carrie Scarff, chief of planning and projects for the Dayton Riverfront Plan. Those projects included the current construction of the Third Street Bridge, Dayton’s Peace Bridge, led by Montgomery County. The bridge will not only serve as a vehicular crossing point over the river, but will also offer safe and inspiring passage for pedestrians and cyclists. The design of the new bridge includes Dayton’s African American heroes and their contributions to our history and culture, both on top of the bridge and at the bikeway below. Find more information on the Dayton Riverfront Plan and it’s progress here.

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