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NOTE: This page is for donations only. If you’re looking to purchase gift cards, please head to while supplies last.

Thanks to the incredible support of our community, the Gift Card Bonus Buy launched its second round of sales on Thursday, May 28.

In the first round, local businesses received an influx of $40,000 in just six hours — $25,000 in gift card purchases and the additional $15,000 in bonus cards as a result of this program. After receiving generous contributions from supporters, and with a lead gift from Charles Simms Development to re-launch the program, the DDP will open Round 2 Gift Card Bonus Buy sales at noon on Thursday, May 28, and keep them open until the bonus card funds are once again exhausted.

If you would like to make a gift to grow the impact of the Gift Card Bonus Buy program, please use the donation form below or contact Laura Woeste ( | 937-224-1518 ext.229).

Please check our Facebook page for updates about the Gift Card Bonus Buy program:

If you already purchased gift cards, those will be mailed to you in the next 30 days, along with your $15 bonus cards to a surprise downtown business!

Want to support a downtown business today? Check out our Open* pages for information on restaurants, shops, salons, and other businesses welcoming guests for services on-site or to go.


Laura Woeste
(937) 224-1518 ext.229


Donation Form

**This page is exclusively for making donations to support the program. You will not receive gift cards for payments made through this page. **