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The Downtown Environment

the downtown ambassadors

Smiling faces at your service

The Downtown Ambassadors are on the streets year-round, making your downtown a cleaner and safer place to be. The Ambassadors are easy to spot, wearing bright "safety green" shirts in warm weather and bright blue jackets in inclement weather.

Ambassador duties include picking up litter, power-washing sidewalks and removing graffiti. They also patrol on bicycles and on foot, serving as extra eyes and ears for the Dayton Police Department. Most importantly, they serve as goodwill ambassadors providing assistance to downtown visitors, workers and residents.

If you have comments about the Ambassador Program you would like to share, please This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it ,us. If you need to contact the Ambassadors directly, they can be reached at (937) 224-4DDP.

Your Ambassadors at Work: 2017 Year-End Statistics

  • Trash Collected: 199,100 lbs.
  • Graffiti Removed: 605
  • Power Washing: 29,227 gal.
  • Hospitality Assistance: 7,336
  • Safety Escorts 233
  • Property Owner/Building Manager Contacts: 865
  • Panhandling Incidents Addressed: 1,941

Ambassador Praise
We receive feedback all the time from downtown businesses, employees and visitors on the good work our Ambassadors perform. Here are a few samples:

“I was walking back from lunch this afternoon in the rain without an umbrella. One of your Ambassadors approached me and asked if I’d like an escort. He walked with me under his umbrella for approximately two blocks to my office building. I thought that was very generous and very kind, and I appreciated it very much. I wanted to make sure he was recognized. Your Ambassador program is great, and it’s working!"

"Earlier today I was at the Taste of Oregon with my friend who has severe Multiple Sclerosis. A combination of the heat and her condition caused her to become very weak and more wobbly than usual. An ambassador noticed I was struggling to assist her walking. He went out of his way to offer help in a variety of ways from trying to get a medic to running to get ice for her. She was embarrassed about the scene she felt she was causing and refused all offers of help. He continued to remain in the background and watched us from a discreet distance, ready to help. He allowed her to have her dignity, but I appreciated knowing he was there if I needed help. I come downtown for events quite often. Kudos for sponsoring the events and having the foresight to employee people as fine as this ambassador."

" I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you and great work to you and your team of Dayton Downtown Ambassadors. As an instructor at Sinclair, I personally have observed the change in the downtown Dayton area over the last several years since the Ambassador program has been in place. I have seen a marked difference in the number of pedestrians roaming the streets, not just in the transit terminal area, but in multiple blocks from Sinclair, to the waterfront park, and out to the ballpark. I believe people feel safer having Ambassadors who know the area and wear bright, easily identifiable clothing year round. Additionally, I've appreciated the cleaning of pedestrian intersections during winter which increases my sense of safety. I also believe people enjoy the increased cleanliness of the city and the ability to ask the Ambassadors questions if they are lost, confused, or are just curious about Dayton. The face of these Ambassadors adds to the hospitable and engaging nature of Dayton, which has certainly assisted in stimulating the downtown economy. I strongly believe in the value added to our city because of this program. I even stopped in my car today to tell an Ambassador that I appreciated his efforts and dedication to doing a great job. Please continue to train amazing people who are willing to personally care for our city and the people within it as they live, play, and work throughout all four seasons in Dayton, Ohio.”