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Not Your Ordinary Office Space

After 27 years of business in Miamisburg, Dave Hafenbrack felt it was time for a change. His company, Hafenbrack Marketing, was quickly transforming from a small graphic design studio into a full-fledged marketing solutions company, and expansion seemed inevitable. The next step, of course, was deciding where to locate the firm.

The business space he envisioned was innovative, unique and progressive. After considering several potential locations in and around Dayton, he made a decision that gave Hafenbrack Marketing more publicity, visibility and success than he’d ever imagined. He moved his business into the heart of downtown Dayton.

“Moving downtown was the best business decision I’ve ever made,” Hafenbrack says. “Our business soared, and employee morale and productivity went with it. We wanted to reinvent ourselves, and downtown Dayton offered exactly what we had in mind.”

The office space Hafenbrack chose is incredibly artistic. The furniture, lighting and design are sleek and modern, creating a striking visual edge for clients and customers who walk through the door.

When asked about the atmosphere of the city, Hafenbrack said that his view of downtown has changed significantly since making the move. The downtown he has come to enjoy is friendly, stimulating and growing every day. In short, it is the perfect place to build a business.

“If you consider yourself to be a regional player in the market, downtown is the place to be,” he explains. “Its central location, networking, and visibility are incredible. There is a strong sense of camaraderie in the business community, and I really couldn’t ask for a better situation.”

Likewise, downtown Dayton couldn’t be home to a better business.

Learn more about Hafenbrack Marketing by visiting their Web site.