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Urban Living

what is urban living really like?

Find out from the most reliable source: our residents

If you’re wondering what downtown is really like, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled some of the most commonly asked questions from people just like you who are considering a move to the city. The answers below are from downtown dwellers.

Where do you shop for groceries?
“I drive to the grocery store just like you drive to the grocery store in the suburbs. I love to pick up fresh vegetables to throw in pasta dishes at the farmer’s market. There are several Kroger and Meijer stores located within a few miles of downtown, as well as Dorothy Lane Market. If I need basic staples, the Fifth Street Wine and Deli is the perfect stop for some basic household staples. I also pick up a lot of things I need at the CVS on Courthouse Square. While it would be nice to have a full service grocer downtown, there are an abundance of options within a reasonable distance.”
Shannon P., The Landing

Why did you choose to live downtown?
“We wanted to move out of our big house since all of the kids were gone and we couldn’t decide where we wanted to buy a condo. I had always thought about downtown because I’ve worked here most of my life. My wife and I were at the 2nd Street Public Market one Saturday and saw people gathering for open houses. We joined in and found what we were looking for within an hour and signed up on the spot. That was six years ago and we wouldn’t go back to the “burbs” for anything. It would be too quiet and boring!”
Bill K., Ice Avenue Lofts

How has living downtown changed your life?
“There is much more going on downtown than I expected! Living downtown has been a positive change in my life as I felt depressed and isolated living in the suburbs, which are geared towards family-living and not young professionals. Living and working in the urban core I’m constantly meeting new people and my social life has increased. Driving to restaurants, bars and other entertainment venues was an inconvenience of living in the suburbs. Now there are things going on downtown that are so much easier to get to. I’m also much more aware of the cultural activities and various events across the region. I feel like a twenty-something again now that I live downtown!”
Caitlin B., The Cannery

Do you feel safe?
“Absolutely. Downtown Dayton is one of our area’s most tightly-knit neighborhoods full of friendly people that look after their neighbors. I have accidentally left my garage door open numerous times and have yet to lose a single item to theft.”
Christine M., Cooper Place

Where do you walk your dog?
“There are about 25 residents in our neighborhood who own a dog, and downtown offers plenty of walking options. We walk our dog Cody in Cooper Park, along the canal walk, and on nice days we walk across the river and down by the Dayton Art Institute.”
Bill P., Cooper Lofts

What does downtown have that the suburbs don’t?
“Downtown has character. It is unique, and it offers a pedestrian-friendly lifestyle that you can’t find in the suburbs. Restaurants, theatres, bars and cafés are all within walking distance of your home. Access to great outdoor running and biking trails along the river is also a plus. There is easy, quick access to all of the major highways, which offers an easy work commute. Living downtown also offers close access to great events, performances, and shows.”
Rich A., Oregon District

Is there a sense of community among your neighbors?
“Yes, downtown living offers a great sense of community. The sense of community is more than the suburbs because we are in closer proximity and see each other at downtown venues. We hardly knew our neighbors when we lived south of town, and now we socialize with our neighbors all the time.”
Marcia R., Performance Place

Do you miss having a house?
"Not one bit. Every time there's a high wind, or a heavy rain, we celebrate no longer having a house. As for a yard and garden, we walk almost every day along the river bikeways and get to enjoy grass that someone else mows and snow that someone else blows. We have the finest gardens and flowers imaginable at RiverScape and a condo courtyard we enjoy and use for our own plants and flowers in the summer."
Jacqui and Jerry T., Cooper Lofts